Hunter Ranger Mod 26 guide - Neverwinter

A guide for Hunter Ranger for latest Neverwinter Mod 26 endgame content. This guide will be updated as I progress and optimize my build further.
Published : August 27th 2023

The making of Ugly Bot

An introduction to UglyBot, a discord bot that uses AI/NLP to help you create and manage raids!
Published : February 11th 2023

An opinionated guide on hunter ranger - Neverwinter

An opinionated guide on how I play my Hunter Ranger on Neverwinter(MMORPG)
Published : July 11th 2022

Solving 100 problems in JavaScript - Binary reversal

A series on solving 100 coding problems in JavaScript, this is the first solution to the first problem - Binary Reversal
Published : May 29th 2020

Easily deploying infrastructure as code via AWS CDK

When you have to deploy / create / manage infrastructure do you usually do it manually in a more traditional approach or do you use an IaC approach like Terraform, Cloudformation or Ansible ? If you do, you might have faced quite a few challenges and even have been overwhelmed by the many complex configurations, vast amounts of boilerplate code and the steep learning curve of these. AWS CDK aims to help with quite a bit of these challenges and makes IaC very much more enjoyable and simpler...
Published : March 29th 2020

Building an interactive slack bot that makes excuses with Dark !

A walkthrough on how to build an interactive slackbot using this new language - Dark, a holistic programming language, editor and infrastructure all in one.
Published : February 23rd 2020

Etna 🌋- A Nodejs boilerplate for building RESTful API

Etna , an opinionated boilerplate for building RESTful json api's with Nodejs & Typescript backed by an ORM supporting a range of relational databases.This boilerplate aims to make your development as easy and enjoyable as possible with high level abstractions while still trying to not compromise the powerful capabilities of the underlying database engine
Published : April 26th 2019

Getting baited onto react hooks!

An introduction to react hooks. The latest update to react brought in a quite a few drastic changes to react one of them is the react hooks that allows use of state in functional components ! This article talks about the hooks api , its features , its advantages and how to use them.
Published : April 13th 2019

Continuous Integration & Deployment with CircleCI

A walkthrough tutorial on how to use CircleCI to automate building , testing and hosting / deploying a your Progressive Web App(PWA) to a new popular cloud provider(Netlify) easily.
Published : March 24th 2019

Introduction to modern Javascript-Part I (ECMAScript5 / ES5)

Gives an introduction to modern javascript. How it changed drastically over time, where it stands today and what the major changes were made by the introduction of ES5 standard.
Published : March 21st 2019

My top down approach at machine learning...

This article is about my first attempt at machine learning after reading / studying about it for a while, this explains how I basically got started with machine learning and my approach to study it....
Published : March 20th 2019

Yet another blogging site.. but why ?

This article is about my thought process as to why and how I created this website, it's intent and what I hope to do with it in the future. This also includes what kind of technologies were used to develop and deploy this website(mostly for the techies out there) but I try to keep this article/story as simple as possible for any audience to understand....
Published : March 10th 2019